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My Advice To The New Homeschooling Mom

Maybe its the pandemic, or a nudge of the heart, but you've decided to give homeschooling a try. The decision to homeschool is a big one and it comes with many concerns and questions. I have been praying for all of you mamas and I had it on my heart to share some encouragement and advice, as you begin planning for your next season.

Here are my top 5 tips for a new homeschooling mama! 

1. Enjoy your children!

Look at this as a sweet gift from the Lord. A season you would not have had the chance to experience otherwise. Within this season, if we let it, the Lord will shape us. Where we may feel inadequate, the Lord becomes our strength. In the end, we come out stronger, with a deeper bond with our children, and most importantly, our heavenly Father.

2. Ask for help.

If you’re new to homeschooling, please don’t go into it alone. There are many homeschool communities online with many helpful resources. But, the best would be to find a homeschool mama or two that you know and ask for her help getting started. Ask for advice and resource suggestions.

3. Find community. 

Even during a pandemic, finding community is still possible. I find that my children love to Facetime, Zoom, or Marco Polo their homeschooled friends to discuss a book they are both reading or a topic they are both studying. I haven’t met a child yet that does not love show and tell. Thankfully that can still be done online.

4. Stick to the basics.

Many parents will be completing curriculum provided by the school system. That is great! Stick to getting the online work done, and then just make some time for a great read aloud, independent reading times, some fun math games, and nature study + art. They will have a well-rounded education, not solely based online. If not using the school system’s curriculum, my advice would be to find an all-encompassing, open and go curriculum to start off with. That way you get the core done quickly and can move on to the fun things listed above.

5. Don’t let fear win.

As mothers, we want the best for our children, which is a great thing! But, too often we allow the lies of the enemy to come in and bring all of the negative “what-if” scenarios that cause us to be fearful, full of worry, and even anxious. The lies that your children will fall behind, that they aren’t getting the best education, that they are missing out, or they will suffer from lack of friendship....Those are all lies we must take captive as soon as they enter our minds. Instead, we replace the lies with the truth, which is -- God isn’t surprised by this pandemic. He loves our children more than we do. This is just a short season in the grand scheme of life. You + your children will come out better from it. Trusting in His goodness always brings peace and joy.

So to you mama, take a deep breath. Give all your worries to the Lord, and leave them there.

Grab a coffee, and start planning out one of the sweetest seasons of your life. A season you will not regret choosing.

Also, I'm here for you! Please let me know how I can help. Teaching is truly a passion for me, and I love to share it.


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