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On This Day- Hurricane Harvey

On this very day last year Hurricane Harvey hit the town that has our hearts--Port Aransas, Texas. (as well as many other places in Texas who are just as important, but this post is about our personal story :). This category four storm left behind complete devastation. The wave line in the photo below marks how high the standing water was when we arrived to see the damage. Due to water damage and mold, we were forced to gut everything and start over. The cost of new equipment and rebuild seemed so unattainable at the time. In the emotion of it all, we truly questioned whether it was worth it to spend so much to rebuild, not knowing how long it would take Port Aransas to be what it once was. But, we ultimately decided to try again because we love the people and the town and could not imagine not being part of it long term. With the love and support of family and community we were able to rebuild!

Today this shop is more beautiful than ever before. And truly, our amazing managers Matt and Sarah, along with our staff have poured their time and love into making this shop what it is today. They truly have a heart for the people of Port Aransas and it shows. With their help, we've had several record sales days and have regained our consistent business flow as if nothing ever happened! We are thankful beyond words for the support we’ve been shown this year. Most of all thankful that our God restores all that is lost and makes it new again—even better than we could’ve imagined. 💕

For a more detailed version of this story as well as photos of the initial destruction and rebuild process, simply click the link to see my previous posts: "Unified Front: Hurricane update" and "Coffee Waves Port Aransas Restored"

Oh and by the way, we went bright and Blue. ALL THINGS NEW. :)


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