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Our Spring + Summer Garden

I’m gardening in zone 9a, which means I was able to start planting in late February and harvest began as early as late April, early May, and by now we are entering our "winter" season-meaning not much will continue to grow in this insane heat.

This season I grew celery, egg plant, cucumber, tomatoes, and a mix of peppers. I always have a mix of herbs growing such as mint (oh my gosh it really takes over), basil, cilantro, rosemary, parsley, etc. I currently have watermelon growing and recently planted pumpkin to be ready for fall.

I grew less luffa this year because last year I couldn't keep up with harvesting them. The sponges from these are the best!

I grew more tomatoes than any other season, which looks like collecting a bowl full almost daily. One of my favorite things to make so far is salsa because we eat so much of it in our family. Adding in peppers and cilantro, I made a ton of salsa and stored it in these containers to freeze. Tomato soup was also a family favorite. But, next spring my plan is to succession plant the tomatoes somewhat so that I don’t have so many growing at once.

Besides tomatoes, the other thing I grew a ton of is Nasturtium, my favorite edible flower. I baked them on top of sourdough loaves, mixed them into salads, topped tacos with them, and added them to our pickled cucumbers. They add a slight spice to things and they're high in Vitamin C, so that's a plus.

But, lets be real, I mainly grow flowers and I add in vegetables to use in our meals, but also to make my husband see just how much we NEED to extend the garden know, for more vegetables.

I have big plans of adding many raised beds solely for growing more flowers. They just bring so my beauty to a space and they bring me joy. I also love gifting bouquets and want to be able to give more, and even host a "U- pick flower" day at our farm, open to our community. This season I grew cosmos, dahlia, a variety of sunflower, marigold, zinnias and Anne's lace.

Some of my favorite memories with my children are the times they come to the garden with me. It's a typical evening occasion to find us all there. The kids love to look for new things growing, beg me to pick things too soon, or climb the tree in the garden along with the barn cats. I hope these years of helping me in the garden will inspire them to do the same with their children one day.

I typically order my seeds online from Eden Brothers, Floret flower, or from Amazon.

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Sarah Wiltse
Sarah Wiltse
Jun 20, 2023

Beautiful ❤️

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