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Valentine's Reading List

I'm not sure why I love Valentine's Day so much, but I always have. What can I say, I love to love. Here's our current Valentine's book line up that it already on their shelves in their bedroom for before bed reading. Instead of giving you the generic back of the book description of each book, I asked KK (Cadence) to tell me what she liked about each book.

My children are four and six, and these books are perfect for their age. They cannot read most of them yet, but they enjoy the pictures and message each book provides.

Pete the Cat Valentine's Day Is Cool: "I like this book because it comes with fun stickers and because at the end Pete gives out Valentine cards to everyone."

I love Mommy: "I love this book because it's about his mom being nice and doing nice things with him. I like the fuzzy part on the cover too."

The Berenstain Bears Valentines Blessing: "I like when brother bear finds out who sent him the valentine. I like the stickers too."

The Berenstain Bears Love Their Neighbors: "I like when the Bogg brothers stop to help the bears. It's nice to help people."

Olivia And The Perfect Valentine: "I like that Olivia made special Valentines for her friends in class."

Edie Is Ever So Helpful: "I like when she starts really helping her family. It's funny when she tries to fix up her moms office but really messes it up."

Good Good Father: "I like when Tucker meets the good King and he gives him a hug and then heals his friends. "

Unlovable: "It's a good book because you should never make fun of people because they are different than you are. I liked when the sad puppy got a friend."

Happy Valentine's Day Mouse: "I like how the mouse made the valentines for all of his friends."

The Day It Rained Hearts: "I liked when it rains down hearts and she catches them."

Just a Little Love: "I like that I can read a lot of the words on my own. And I like when the dog gets love and feels better."

Llama Llama I Love You: "I like when Llama gives a glitter heart to her momma."

Fancy Nancy Heart to Heart: "I love all of her pretty outfits. I like all of the stickers and I like how she solves the mystery."

And now for the top four chosen by both Zion + Cadence :)

I also wanted to include some super cute and unique Usborne books you may want to look into. These are on my list for next season for sure :)

And last, a few sweet Valentine inspired moments of ours. Please let me know if you have any questions! Happy reading!


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