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Simplified Ways To Study The Bible

We all live such busy lives and sometimes it seems hard to make the time to sit and read or study the Bible. But, when we do make time for the word there are so many benefits! My husband always says,

“If you don’t know what the Lord is saying, then start with reading what He has said”.

And it’s so true, the Lord can truly speak to us through His word and that makes all the difference in our lives! I find that reading and speaking the word over myself is the best way towards renewing my mind, and replacing lies from the enemy with truth from our Father.

I wanted to share with you some of my favorite ways to study the word in such a hectic life full of little ones and ministry. There’s really nothing religious about it, and I honestly don’t spend long amounts of time reading every single day. Because, well, life happens. Here are my current top five ways to study and why I love them!

All titles are clickable links to take you to the source.

I recommend this app to everyone! Especially if you are new to reading or truly understanding the Bible as a big picture. The app includes videos that illustrate most of the books by drawing out and explaining each book in such a simplistic way. I could not love it enough. Lots of times if I am rushed for time, or if I am driving or cleaning, I let the videos play just to listen. Great resource!

She Reads Truth devotionals are so beautifully made with water color images, fantastic photography, even some DIY projects. But, besides the pretty factor, I enjoy how each devotion is on one book of the bible, and each day is based on a group of scriptures that tie into a theme. I have personally finished Proverbs and Genesis and just ordered 1 & 2ndCorinthians. On each day’s devotional, there are scriptures to read, and questions to answer. I typically read each scripture in various versions, then wright my thoughts on the writing space more often than specifically answering every question. I use it more as a place to reflect and break down scripture. This is great when you only have a short window of time to read.

Much like other Bible apps, She Reads Truth app offers various study plans you can choose from and its great for on the go readings!

This is my all time FAV translation right now! I love, love, love all the footnotes and word translations offered for verses. Bible-gateway, and the YouVersion app now offer the TPT, but you can also buy the actual books (which I personally own and love because I am old school and love feeling a book, highlighting, and making notes) on amazon.

5. Apps to study word meaning:

Blue Letter Bible, Concordance, and Glo Bible apps.

Any time I’m preparing a message, or wanting to really expand my understanding of a verse or word I use these study apps. They are used for a deeper, more time extensive study. Each app will offer different capabilities, but over all I use them to read commentary from theologians, compare translations, and to find word definitions and translations.

I hope this was helpful, and please feel free to ask any questions and let me know your favorite ways to study the word too! I love hearing from you guys! Until next time, I pray that your time with the Lord is the sweetest, most life-giving time that sets you on the right path and mindset for your day.


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