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We're A Coastal Kind Of Family

Well, this is my first old-fashioned blog post. You know, the kind where you actually share family photos, thoughts, and reflections without a “top 5 ways”, or links to where you can buy things. So, here you will find some super sweet pictures of our family enjoying the beautiful coast we live on, my thoughts on summer, and our love for the coast.

We are a warm weather, long beach days, sun kissed (or maybe I should say golden/bronze. 😆) kind of family so the coast is pretty ideal for us. But, we mainly love it because of the the extended warm days we spend riding bikes to the nature trails, swimming in the pool, or at the beach. We love the convenience of getting to the beach or on the water in less than 20 minutes.

This summer (and yes I know it’s technically not summer yet, but in Corpus Christi it feels like summer in April so I’m already there mentally 😆) we are loving our evenings out on the boat. At ages four and five, our kids are finally at a age where it is enjoyable to take them out on the boat and actually get to stay out on the water for a substantial amount of time. Our favorite time to go is around five in the evening. That gives us plenty of time to fish, eat our packed dinner, and find a shore to explore. Some times we go as a family and sometimes we bring friends along. Either way, it’s always a blast. My heart is so full just watching our kids explore God’s creation with fascination, finding crabs, seashells, and fish.

There’s just something about going outside, especially by the ocean that resets my mind and puts me in a total relaxed mood and all stress falls away. It’s bliss for me. On another note, regarding summer in general.

This summer I made a few vows—to soak up all of the sweet moments, being fully present in them all. To say yes when my kids want me to swim with them, even if I did just wash my hair. And to have fun with my family!

Really, I want my kids to look back on their childhood and think of how fun their mom and Dad were. The dance parties on the boat, the night swimming in the pool, and all of the laughter. I want them to remember us living life to the fullest—loving each other and others so well along the way. I hope you find your summer bliss as well. If you live near the coast, I hope you find more time to soak it up.


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