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A Playhouse Full Of Delight

Friends, I can promise you one thing--this seemingly perfect playhouse never looks as clean and organized as it does in these photos. On a typical day there are plates and play food covering the floor all while our dogs join in on the chaos by coming in to shake off their pool water!

All that to say, messy or not, this cute little playhouse is a spot I had the vision for years ago when my children were infants. I purposed to create a fun space for my children and their little friends to play, imagine, and explore. A spot where sweet memories are created often and laughs are always present. I just love knowing my children will cherish these memories when they look back on their childhood.

I originally sketched out my vision for this house with our contractor on the chalkboard wall of our kid’s playroom inside our home. It’s a good thing Billy, our friend and contractor is just as much a dreamer and creative as I am. We made a great team. In the end, the roof took on a slant to match the structure already present in our yard, and the “small, basic” playhouse got a loft, stairs, and flower bed! Ha! What can I say? Once you start building, things just evolve.

The numerous windows are great for letting lots of light and cool breeze in on a hot South Texas day! The windows are also created with shutters that raise up to resemble a café window the kids can serve food from.

The wooden chairs are vintage, painted and distressed. For shelving, I used spice racks from Ikea, painted them white and then distressed them using sandpaper. They are inexpensive and the perfect size to display a few special items, making it super easy for littles to see and reach.

Now, for the outside of the playhouse, I wanted to create more spaces for fun! In the back of the house we purchased material and supplies from Home Depot to create a play zone. The outside area includes a DIY double swing, sand pit, play telescope + steering wheel, and a small flower and herb garden that my daughter is in charge of maintaining :)

Here are some of the building process. The kids were super excited as their playhouse came to life. I'm pretty sure they asked, "Is our playhouse done?" just about every day!

Java, our goldendoodle was under the impression that the house was just for her.

I'm sure I am leaving out details, but I would love to hear from you! Please let me know if you have any questions. I tried my best to list all sources, but I am sure I left some out.

We created this house in a way that will allow us to use it as a pool house once the children are older. I love to make things practical and look at the long term picture.

Here's to many days of outside play, imagination and laughs to come! And to letting them be little as long as possible.


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