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Design Consulting

Well, the time has come. As a homeschool mama of littles, along with various other roles in this season, it is not the time to jump into design full time...But what I do have the capacity for in this season is a very specialized design consulting package for those of you who live locally! I am open to online consulting as well, depending on the project. Please message me for more details :)

Mini Reni

This package is perfect for you if you want vision + design details for 1 room of your choice that you can immediately start creating. Includes an in person walk through and consultation, digital vision board, paint colors, sources for fixtures and all decor for quick and easy shopping, and instructions on how to implement.

How does this work? First, Amber will do a walk through of the space, take photos and measurements. We will discuss your desires for the space, any design styles you favor, and budget. Within two weeks of consultation, a design plan for the space will be sent via email, followed by a call to discuss the design plan and implementation. Up to two revisions can be made at that time.


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