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Our Home Story/Exterior

Our little farmhouse was originally built in 1940, and at some point over time it was moved to our city. Sometime in the 1980s a garage and bedroom addition were built. Four years ago when we purchased the four acres and home, the previous owners had began renovating the home, but did not get too far before they needed to move out of state. This was the state of the home when they purchased.

I'm extremely thankful for the previous owners because if they had not made the progress they did on the home and property I definitely could not have talked my husband into saying yes!

But, even with their efforts, this home and land still have been a ton of work. Honestly the projects have been endless over the years, and are far from done. But, so so worth it!

Here we are the first day we got the keys to move in. I can't even tell you how many plans I already had, and how excited I was to make this place our home. I pictured my babies scootering down the driveway, playing with a slew of farm animals, and most of all--just being outside.

I would say what sold me on this house was the wrap around porch. They are very rare in our city, and I have always wanted one since I love being outside. The front corner of our porch is now lined with black rocking chairs and gets the best breeze. It's where we've had so many sweet times with friends, David and I sit and watch the kids play soccer or ride bikes, or sit to watch the sun rise.

One of the first things we did that made the most impact was removing the white columns, and replacing them with cedar columns. We also added cedar window boxes. It was the start of giving this all white home a little contrast.

Next, and I do not mean shortly after. This has been a four year progression, but gosh I have wished it could be more like the HTGV home improvement shows where it all happens in one short episode! Landscape was next!

Then, replacing old wood, and giving the entire house a new coat of paint. The house needed this so much, and it made a huge difference.

After painting, we had black shutters made for the front windows. They were just the right thing to bring the front of our home together.

Last, and most recent, we replaced the front door and put in new cedar front steps.

I love looking back over the years because it brings so much appreciation for just how far we've come. Yet, there are still messy, unfinished parts everywhere I look around my home and our farm. Restoring this home and land have taught me to enjoy the journey, and to fall in love with my actual, right now life, just the way it is, not how it will be some day.

I hope you too enjoy the messy, unfinished parts of life and don't forget to celebrate the progress!


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