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Breakfast Nook Update

When we remodeled this space and built our new kitchen, the breakfast nook wall color and window treatments were not a priority for me. Mainly because I knew I needed to live in the space and get a feel for it before deciding what more to do with the space. So, we stuck with white walls, bamboo blinds, and white drapes. But, over time the space just seemed to lack interest and felt cold. My design style for this home has evolved into 'European farmhouse' mixed with a touch of modern, so I knew a floral wallpaper was just what the space needed.

A big thanks to our friend Chuck who installed our wallpaper; he is just so skilled. I've worked lots with peel and stick wallpaper, but was not brave enough to try this. Here is what I do know about any type of wallpaper you choose-- It will always take more than you expect or measure for--Always order extra.

Cafe curtains are a great option to allow for natural light while still having the option to close the curtains when less light is needed. Since the wallpaper in this space was on the darker side, I opted for a light fabric cafe curtain to brighten the space.

I love the warmth of this breakfast nook now! I'm a big believer in living in a space for a time to get a real feel for what works best design wise. Making a home takes time and I hope you enjoy the process as much as I do.


Cafe rods: Pepe & Carols

Cafe curtains: Vermont Country Store

Wallpaper: Sandberg Wallpaper, Linnea Midnight Blue


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