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Birthday Fiesta

For Cadence's 2nd Birthday I wanted to have an all out celebration of her life, and the joy that she brings. What is more fitting, especially in South Texas, than a FIESTA!

I just love how the Mexican style cake turned out! I typically only order an one tier cake for Birthday parties, even if we have up to 40 people attending the party. I use the cake as a main statement of the party theme, and then I make sure to order PLENTY of cupcakes. Besides, my daughter is ALL about the cupcakes.

Cactus cupcakes in small pots made for just the right cuteness factor! The kids loved being able to have their own pots that they could take to go.

For food we offered fajita tacos and numerous dips with chips.

Now for the fun part! I used to be a kindergarten teacher, so creating fun for little people is what I love. A table of instruments to dance to Spanish music and a piñata were just the right things to make this party come alive!

The kids were also able to sit at the kids table to decorate maracas. The maracas they decorated as well as mini pinatas were their party favors! You can find a simple tutorial on how to make piñata favors here.

My dad build these 4 mini picnic tables for me, and they are the most ideal for all things little.

Banners, paper flowers, and sombreros for the adult party guests all added to the fiesta fun! Overall, it was such a fun party!!


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