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Coffee Shop Design

I'm so excited to share all of the design details within the Coffee Waves Flour Bluff expansion. Design (well, anything creative really) is something I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. So getting to design this coffee shop was a ton of fun for me!

Originally, when we first opened we had only about 1500 sq. ft. of total space. This meant seating was super limited. With the expansion, we doubled in size! My main goal was to create various options for seating. From the large group to the one person coming in to work on their laptop, there are plenty of options to choose from!

Some of my favorite additions to the shop are: The conference room (Which was totally my husband's idea! ) is available for booking meetings, the stage which is great for comedy night or live music, and last but not least...THE PLANTS!!

The conference room has light grey textured walls, a large wooden meeting table, and couches. A printer and television are also available for customers booking the meeting space. We are pretty excited about this neat space as we know meeting spaces are limited and needed within the city.

The long cushioned booth along the wall is ideal for maximizing seating. The walls are black with a heavy texture. At one point during remodel, all I could see was black, which made the space super dark. It was a tad frightening!

But, I still had faith it would all come together, and gosh, I'm SO glad it did! A few main things brought in more warm and diversity. Mainly, PLANTS, PLANTS, and more PLANTS! Really, how can you go wrong with greenery?! By adding shelving above the entrance as well as above the bench seating, we were able to display various plants that only require minimum sunlight. The white subway tile also helped break up the black!

We love to support local businesses and talent! All tables and chairs were built by Mr. Lancaster, a super talented craftsmen @ H Lancaster Co.

Some of the other details that give the shop some flare are the unique light fixtures, textured walls, open shelving, chalkboard wall art, fun bathroom wallpaper, and various local artwork displayed.

If you are ever in the Corpus Christi area or if you are a local, but haven't came to visit, please do. We would love to meet you!

I did not go into too much detail, but if you have any questions regarding any items you see in this post, please don't hesitate to ask. Here are a few main sources:

Bathroom wallpaper: Hygge & West

(minus all pictures of construction & my little ones which were taken by yours truly)

Billy Placker with J&B Remodeling did an amazing job making my vision coming to life!


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