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Mickey Mouse Birthday Party

This party was so much fun to create!

I placed a large life sized MickeyMouse at the front door, just to add some excitement for the kiddos & so that adults know to just come in. It also seemed to help with cutting back on the door bell ringing continuously.

Boy/girl treat bags ordered from Etsy.

There are few things cuter than a long toddler-sized party table! My dad made these mini picnic tables years ago, and I just LOVE them.

I bought a few yards of fabric from Joann's craft store and cut it to make a thin runner for the kids table & a thicker runner for the main cake table inside.

Mickey and Minnie ears were placed down the table along with red carnation flowers.

Mickey shaped ham and cheese sandwiches and fruit are the perfect toddler sized snacks.

This hot dog warmer was just the right style for a Mickey party! (Everyone knows the Hot Dog song, right?)

The vintage style cake, rice crispy treats, and cookies were so yummy & just the right style I was looking for! All of these goodies were made by Sweet Pluma Delights.

Pre party excitement. As you can see, they are not dressed yet for the party! They woke up from their naps to such a great surprise! I always plan parties around nap times. Who wants to chance having fussy kids at a party you're hosting?

My little guy loves to swim. He swims with no floaties, and has no fear. My husband spends lots of time with the kids, teaching them to swim at an early age. It's a must when you have a pool in your backyard.

Everyone had a blast, and so many memories were made; making all of the hard work totally worth it!


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