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Zion Turns 4

My little guy is obsessed with bugs...well, bugs, Paw Patrol, and bacon that is. Those are his three main loves in life. So since he requested a bug themed party, that's what I gave him. I do what any mother would do and first look on Pinterest, but this time there was nothing there of any help for me. I don't really do characters or overly bright and busy parties, so I kind of put my own twist on it (as usual) and he loved it all the same!

Also, I basically only decorated one table and kept the party outside to minimize the mess. I'm super short on time, so I am just going to share the cute photos and details I can think of at the moment. Please let me know if I miss something that you're curious about! :)

By the way, those little European looking trunks are his favorite because they are so comfortable. I think he looks super cute and true to his Greek genes! haha. When he's older, he will probably not love me for it though :) I order a few different colors them from Mini Boden each year.

On our outside patio table, I just free hand sketched some bugs on butcher paper with a white chalk marker to create a simple coloring table runner. Other than that, most natural looking cups, plates, and wooden forks were from Amazon. I used a bug stamp and brown party bags from Hobby Lobby to create treat bags. Inside the bags I put mini bug collecting jars, bug stamps, and stickers, and candy of course! I forgot to get a pic of those goodies :)

I have a bunch of white dishes I use for numerous occasions and used my own plants to add to the bug/outdoor vibe on the table. Oh, and those black cases of bugs are from a local shop and I put our own bugs he collected inside of them. I love how they have an antique feel since the cases were truly antique. The cake was Made by the talented Sheridan! It looks great and tasted amazing too! Thank you Sheridan!

All party details aside, it was such a sweet time. Great swim weather, no mosquitos (thank the Lord), and lots of laughs. I am so beyond thankful for the community and family we are so blessed with. And more than that, I am so in love with this little blue eyed boy of ours. He's a mommas boy and I love everything about the way God created him. He'll always be mommas baby.


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